Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys,

Doing fine on cloud nine, dog eat dog world, doing great, be what you want to be. Drama dreams for the frogs,fucks to give, out of fucks to give away, tips of the day. Yahoo, hola, good day, lovers and haters, tales of dicks and dogs, living on cloud nine now. Mountains climbed, trees cut,houses build,ways to grow, trips to the mountain tops. Birds and bees, songs to sing, good times, fun and games, balls in the air. Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys, Glory dazes to come, hopes and wishes,hands out to give, hands out to take, stands of rights. Lights on again, love and luck, day and night, yahoo frogs, hola snakes and dogs, Jones, Jarrots, Jacksons, hits and horns,songs on the winds. Lovers and haters, names and label, good times, ties cut. Hopes and dreams dancing rights, stars in darkness, lost in time. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of tests over time. Pages to turn, books written, markets to create. Blue Oceans of dreams, starting now, mountains to climb, dates in the hills. Lights to shine, hope, peace,gold and green, in my eyes all the time. Gods and wars, Mars and Romans, Battles to win, coins to flip. Tales of kings, tales of love at first sight, something stuck in your eye? Games and balls, eyeballs in your head, 2 set set closed, third eye open yet? Coins on the table, coins on hand, nickels and dimes, dollars are better, just to let you know.Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys, God-dresses, gods of war, Mars and March, marching to greatness, goodness and mercy to follow, always out to lend a hand. Corrections to mistakes, time on the cross, and trips to hell and back. Balls in the air, acts and deeds, rewards for lights on, stars in darkness, sunny for a minute, lost in time, lost in the woods. Girls in red hood, wolves and snakes in the trees, flowers open for the sunlight, birds and bees in the air. Houses and homes, doors and floors, lights to turn on, some one for the glory dazes to come. Storms and rains, clouds and clear dazes, fishes in bowls, shoes and souls. Love and darkness, songs to sing, bumps in the road, tests over time. Lessons, classes, trips to hell and back, birds to fly away, dreams to sale, coins to flip. Trips to the mountain tops, lives in the clouds, castles to call home. Home to the donkeys, home to the dogs in their dazes, sunny and bright, dazes in the dogwood trees, woods and valleys to cross. Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys, Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys, home with the sunny and bright dazes on earth. Back in time, back in the day, fairy tales told, out of the bible, tales fogs frogs in the fields, cows to come home. Tales of donkeys in the fields, ships to sale, hopes and wishes. Searches the sheep, searches for the donkeys, searches for the knights to stand tall. Tales of lovers and haters, knights to fight, battles and wars won. Pages to turn, hits and misses, frogs and fish in bowls, dates on the sands of time: stories for the goats, wars and battles won. Hopes and drama dreams, once or twice, back in time, pages to turn, good times, dates on the beach, dates in the city. Lights and love, hopes and dreams, wishes and lives in churches. Ways to grow, ways to get back up, ways to climb more mountains, dates at the top.

Angels on earth, angels in the air, dead and gone, birds and bees, sinners and saint, tales of the day. Friends, foes, and members of the tribes. Indians and cowboys, guns and games, balls in the air, good times, lights to shine, gifts to share, veterans in houses, lights to turn on, happy dazes again. Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys, Mountains to climb, at the top of the hill, donkeys in the fields, running guns home. Miles to go, miles at the top, birds in trees, dances in the woods, dances in the fields, good times. Jumps of joys, hands to hearts, homes to veterans, dates in castles on the hills.

Guns to peace, guns for wars, guns to hands, wars and battles won, games of the military. Wars and battles for the rights. Guns to battles, songs of the lost, songs of the veterans. Lovers and haters, hats and horns, sinners and saints, snakes and worms, lots of love. Joys and pains, girls and guys, lost in the woods, nightmares to live over again. Anger issues of the lost, hurt and broken, down for the counts. Bangs of snakes, dens of frogs, tricks to pimps, veterans with broken hearts. Sales of ass, sales of skin, sales of cum suckers, sales of dicks and chick, games all day, faces of strangers.

Crossroads: Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys,  Spider-man Eating Out. Uncle Sam Tricks....Snakes and Frogs eating out, lots of hot air, watch out, run for your life. Blow jobs for the crews, dicks in line to have a little fun, gang bang rules, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267- lots of dicks to suck, records to break. Uncle Charlie 3000 dicks sucked in his life, dead at 21, Charlie E. Jarrot, dead jackasses, killed at his mother's house, by a bitch with a 22 gun, back in 1982? No papers to address who he was, still a mystery or a cold case, of Hollywood. Sunset and Vine, or Hollywood in Vine, corner hoses, and corner tricks, Sima and Paul Jarrot, donkeys or asses in the valleys of darkness, to love or to hate.

Rolling Away and Out of RV Camping:Crossroads:Brand New Day:Jesus Christ, home in a barn, home with donkeys,  Rolling down the highway was not something new, it was just a matter of what day of the week it is. Monday is always the beginning of the work week for most, or it is the beginning of new plans to place, and updates to be noted on current projects. Today we took the time to see how the other half lives and you wonder what is up next. It is not the time to think about the facts in the cold light of day. It is time to find out what comes next in the big picture.

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