Thursday, November 5, 2015

English Tips 4 Ways: American Birds Sit And Spin: Tails In Air.

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    Dogwood butterflies are the state butterfly for California. Just to let you know, San Diego butterfly born on a Wednesday or a hump day, in the hands of goodness and mercy, at the Mercy Hospital in San Diego. Another story of what I think happen that day, the day I was born, what a though to remember the day you were born? Why go there? Never seen any movies that go that way,something else in the back of my head. Happy and delighted for the open doors,happy and gay with the wishes and prayers up in the air, waiting for the pies in the sky to fall.

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    Time to be thankful for the lessons learned from the Tin Man, stories of the slips on the banana.

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    If you are full of yourself, and cannot embraces change, than you get stuck in yesterday, and you go around and around doing the same actions again. Checking out a family of cows and bulls that I have crossed paths with once or twice, it was not a good experience but there were lessons to be learned from all of them. Not going into the names of the animals in place, new day and name calling does not get you any place faster.😅: just remember you are someone's reason to smile everyday.50 shades of fuck off. Shine Lights, Earth Angels To Some.

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