Thursday, October 15, 2015

Snake Dens: Lights On Steven and Rachel Jarrot : Sinners, Saints, Monkeys To Dogs.

Time To Change, Clocks And Time Forward, lessons on sands of time, gifts to share, monkeys, dogs and snake tails in the air. Waiting for the other shoe to fall was taken its toll on the twins, and Steven Jarrot,  and Sean are out of sorts again, and Rachel Butch, Rachel Jarrot, wigs off, butches in heat, not doing  well. It has been a trying time for all of us, and it just shows, that it does take a lot of love to stay together, thought the tests on the relationships that last. More than two years, and they were not married, so it is just a matter of walking away, and Sean has perfected that move on stage left, it is like he expect it always, just had hoped not this time. 

Tips and Tales, frogs and snakes in grass, Steven Jarrot, tips to hell and back, time on the cross, over and done, classes on love and hate, tales to spin, American Birds, American Girls, American Dogface Butterflies, from the blue states. Birds and bees, songs to sing on the radio, good cheers. Happy days again, glory dazes done.....Lyons Dick Wonders: RV Dreamer:Steven Jarrot, 7608512267....Snake in the grass definition, Sheri B. Jarrot 7608512267 ...

Persistence."Nothing in the would can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men (and women), with talents. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."---Calvin Coolidge-----Angels Notes: Sinners With Saints: Goodness And Mercy Back To Back. Love and hate, horns on goat, hate and love, horns to blow. Good times, sad times, bumps in the road, gifts to share, glory days done. Time to take a stand, good times, dances in the rain, all the pleasures with the joys and pains. 

Time on the cross, time to face the lions, kings on a level or two, angels out to protect, earth angels, fairies and pixies. Tales to spin, cash on table, books to write, trips to hell, snakes and frogs. Sharks and whales, birds and bees, trips to hell, blame games to play. Tricked and pimped, eaten alive for a season or two. Crooks and robbers, snakes and monkeys, dances in the rain, dances in the woods. 

Reasons, seasons and causes, tales in your head, dreams dancing in my head. New plans, new dreams, new cattle and more sheep. Blue and green people, search is on, dates to set with mature, witty owls, kings on land, lions to locate. Knights to shine, kings on land, lions in other forms, men of class. Leaders as kings, Peter Pan rides again. 

Snakes in grass, snakes and worms, hackers to kill, accounts high jeted, land whales inside, to delete, to change, to stop written history. Stands of true lights of darkness, evil not good, hate not love, examples of crooks and robbers. Joys and pains, trips to hell, life in the woods. Snakes for all time, snakes since the start of time, snakes out of skin, new skin to put on, yellow snakes and worms. 

Poker players, cards on the table, faces to read, coins on hand, bets to play, good  times in the dark. Crooks, liars, hackers, snakes and frogs, fish to catch and release time to sail, fish to fry. Fires started in the beginning of time, still burning, flames of hope, pots filled with frying fish. Tales to monkeys, tales of donkeys, packs and herds, tails in the air. 

STEVEN  JARROT  7608512267  Campers  on wheels, RV and vans, cheaters and liars,  pimps  to trade, cum suckers to work, crooks  to prey, veterans to pay, computers to steal, accounts to hack, snakes and devils inside. Tricks not treats, snakes not sharks, whales on land, snakes with, evil not good. Bumps in road, paths taken in the dark, into the woods, into the shadows, into the black nights. Nights of hell, trips with wolves and snakes. Always a snake, always in the dark, worms and snails. Monkeys swingers in the woods, snakes dens, sinners and saints, under the sands of time.

So the pictures and the credit issues are the main reasons, this time for the separation, and not sure how long it will last this time.  Until a new place is found, perhaps just not sure, how long it will take this time, for Sean and Steven Jarrot, need  to make up. Dicks and dogs, sinners and saints, wills and goats, horns of love and hate, snakes and frogs, food on a stick, hell hounds to eat.
Sean and Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, met on the trip to get over last wives, out of the box, for the first time.  started on the way to Tahiti, after winning a trip from a casino in Vegas, and they went with others, and left them there, and started a life together. It has been rocky for them and the tests over time, just keeping coming in. Sean is the type to wonder what is going wrong, instead of talking about the issues, he would rather go off and leave because of his point of view, then be sorry later.
 This last thing with the pictures was way too much, and Sean left and said, it was over again. Then there is the other thing about the identity threats, that were uncovered, and it affected the house deal, and it is another reason for Sean, to point the finger. Moot notes, man or mouse, snake in the house. Dicks out of the box, snakes to date, dream life on the downside. Hardships in a dated RV, lies about houses to close, all the time, fairy tale, Steven Jarrot, uses. Crook and cheater, used cars to sell, lies on paper, bills of sales, he signs after cum suckers are gone.
 Faith, hope, and trust were missing this last time, and Sean Jetson, did not have it. Angelina told him, it was just a matter of working the angles, and it did not work for him. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267: is not a man of flowers and candy; he does the treats of the night more, as a form of devotion, in that reaction, he is in a class alone. He hates the sharing, and he hates watching the reactions, but this is what he created, and he hates coming up short. 

 Angelina is a toy for the treats to work best, for the trades to replace the herbs and the clouds in the air. It is another way to fund the parties, and the fun with Dicks and Jeans, as a treat of course. Not sure if you get that, or not, I guess it is an inside thing. It was not always fun for either of them, but the trades were welcome, and the feelings were buried, over and over again.

 Crooks and robbers, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, worms and yellow snakes, friends of whose woes, dykes to trick, worm in account, snake deleted the account,

  Wonder what is going wrong, instead of talking about the issues, he would rather go off and leave because of his point of view, then be sorry later.

Falls taken in the darkness under the  sands, frogs and snakes, nine times to come out of there skins, jokers and clowns. Games to play all day, games to play with spiders and snakes, nomads  under the surfaces, freaks out at night. Games played with crooks and robbers, cowboys and indians.

Persistence."Nothing in the would can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men (and women), with talents. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."---Calvin Coolidge----- Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?...Enough for the Charmed....Game Over......Snakes in the Grass.....history started, history covered of a snake in the worms inside.  grass, Calling in Desert. Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?...Enought for the Charmed....Game Over......Snakes in the Grass....Into Darkness: Great day on the right side, the right side of rights and reasons. To fail or not to fail to learn life lessons. Good bad and sad tales. Wishes on the moon, dances in the dark, dreams of peace and happiness. Turning pages, getting back up, rebirth for butterflies.

Have had a problem with distance for the dislike of the impressions made by a snake standard of people. Left Turns: Happy notes, happy Monday, happy feet to dance the nights away. Best times of life in a blue state yet to come, the times of our lives. Good times, history created, not news, times to sing songs, the fish that got away, dances in the dark. Love and hate, horns on one goat, hats to wear, smiles and tales on the dark sides. Watch for roads under the surface, trucks of shit to carry, with hell hounds. Fruits and nuts, pitches and catches to party and play. Tricks, trades and lies to address with herds of land whales. Faces in mirror change with drugs on hand.

Steven Jay Jarrot : Best Buys Crook, July 15, 2015, computers stolen by snake in grass. PREYS ON MENTAL Ventrans, EASY TO TRICK: Owner/Consultant;
lovemygems @ yahoo. com: ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. TRIPS TO HELL, WITH HELL HOUNDS. TIME ON CROSS WITH CROOKS AND ROBBERS. Nice girl, Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot, Rach Jarrot, party girl, movies to make, cum sucker to date, good time girl in season. Got to go, have a great day. Lot of love, hate and love, on a goat, the horns. Silly pepper piper tale, have fun today. The fairies will play. Notes online 754 times. Nice, thanks.Jokes on land, jokers to poker players to ride, faces of snakes to devils : 7608512267, Steven Jarrot. Toads birth under stars, hooked and pimp out to party and play, found where they were going to stay. Found a barn, to let the goat out. Bitch had a bastard, Jesus Christ was born in a barn. Cow two born that night, a rat in a den of snakes, sinners and saint. Joy to the world.

Land whale, tickets for free plane rides, exchanged for brains, dense, shallow, self serving, forever and alway. Fruits and nuts Rachel and lovers, Steven, Charles R.. Sima-Queen of England?  Sheri Jarrot, blonde, bottle, bimbo, whale on land to date. Land whale queer or steer, fucks and suck Steven and Rachel Jarrot, hell hounds, party and play family of freaks, gifts to share, oral talents to shine, family that party together, sings songs around the fires on the beaches of Cali. Friends of yours? Jewish Wide-ass, frogs to kiss for the drugs, sex, and rolls with bitches in heat with fleas...

Whale on land, 7603601613- dicks and dogs to carry by balls, suckers for love and devotion for a snake. Fake hair, fake colors, land whale. Sheri and Steven Jarrot, butch- Rachel Jarrot, dog in heat
Land Whale Stars: Rachel Wigsout: Rachel Jarrot, not Rachel Walker. Monkeys on dogwood trees, Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie, or Charley Jarrot 7607778998 . Hard knocks for lessons in love and devotion, life for love, love and hate. 7608512267 RV camper. Steven Jarrot, sucker for free rides, computers to steal, dates on the beach. Weird is : wonderful, educated, interesting, real and different,  notes....Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, clowns swinging or hanging on dogwood trees. Clown Shows for fun and food, books on sunny dazes on the beach. Treats in fun and fools, signs of animals under the skin, suckers to cum.

Green Grass: Great day to see, joys and pains, hope is dancing, dreams in action. Accounts to snakes in grass, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, 7608512267: mistakes by land whales, history to create, seven snakes alive.  Grains of Trash: RV Campers, White Trash On Wheels, Pimps And Drug Lards: Land Whales In Sight:Dodge The Snakes Dens::Horse and Pony Shows:Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, butches, bitches, fag hags, party and play, treats to treat. Good times to cum, party and play, dates on the beach, Steven Jarrot, snakes in your house, snakes in your friends, lights on, ready to tell, time to get a new life. Reflections today, third party views, facts and fiction. Fruit and nuts, freaks to party and play, butches, bitches, and fag hags, dates on the beach. Butch to direct home movies, porn stars, nibbles to eat, fresh dick suckers, birthday wishes, for the crooks and robbers. 

 This was an email, that I got from my sister from another mother, and
This is how Steven Jay Jarrot treated a woman he wanted to stay with him until he died? Love for self shows well here, hate or love, it is the question here, truths that have been recorded, can be research for true story, facts that AAA stole the car on May 9, 2013 in Palm Springs, and facts can be research on the breaking and entering that Steve did with the Police of Palm Springs, facts to research is how the lies were told about a gun that Phyllissa Desilva had, and the policed shown up to target her with 6 guns, 2 dogs, and about 30 police because of love and devotion, for a woman that Steven wanted to live with until the end of his life, these are the actions and deeds of a man in love, in the world that I live in that was not the story told here. Love is a four letter word, just like bullshit is a eight letter word, and these are words that Steve has a lot of trouble with.

 Peace and love by the sea, was the message given to Steve before his birthday, gifts of Dorian Gray in female and male forms, to show the fools, frogs, and reptiles that we know about the faces, and the masks wore on the Jarrots Bisexual Super Stars, legends in their own minds, and the great white hope for the Blacks, Mexicans, and the working classes that are tricked by the charms, wits, and the size of the whales, cattle, bison, cattle callers, fag hags that rule this family to include the thief-Charley Jarrot-stole $160,000 from his sire, and kept it from him for two years, bought women to fuck because with his form and features.

 who would fuck him for free, not with the charms of a reptile that can create money on paper, and who pops pills for the attention needed to note: he was dropped too many times before age 10. He can thank his daddy for that once again, the reason he stole daddy money was because he could. The first born child is a thief, that came from a thief, and a long line of liars, and the skills have been perfected, lessons still in place for the girl thief-the golden cow or just their little butch in training, loves to lick, and suck with lots of kisses to the pussies without names, better than sire already has had 325 pussies in her girl on girl sex place, and have a car to cum and get the best. Airs for noses high, graces and charms needed to have a dyke give birth to the next line of fools, frogs, and poker players, to be superstars also, just because of colors of skin?

Just an Army, fools, frogs, reptiles that are not attorneys, same story different day. Lies told now to distance self, Sheri Jarrot, and Rachel Jarrot, for views not shared with Jewish White Bisexuals Superstars- live to cash on on the weak, disable, blacks and working classes. In their world every one is a sucker to steal, rob, lie to for goods and services needed for Stars to shine in the darkness within the tribe, herd, army of frogs, reptiles, and fools.

 Flip the card, or flip the coin lifestyle, poker players, creaters of wealth on paper skills to share for a fee-Charley can lie for two years to family, why not lie on paper about money that you can print for family of fools. True story from views of a fish that got away, alive, and hopes and prayers from the Gods above, and the angels goodness and mercy , with head angel-Aleane Breangh Bailey-mother to 50 kids alive and deceased.

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  1. History to be recorded regardless of the targets in the markets for the dreams in motion that they live daily, matters to factor in is the charms and wits about the people that rule the world, it is all about what you know, and who you know that can move mountains, bumps in the road are taken full speed ahead, the leaders are the frogs, fools and donkey kinds of people that show up on time.

    That is one former of success that can be seen, who gets to work on time, one of the leading factors to consider while working and playing in the rat race. The wheels go around and around, and time never stops, but the wheels do stop, a nice simple look at life as a wheel of life, and when it stops someone expires.