Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ask For Dreams To Dramas, Dancing Dreams, Blue Star Steel, Veterans Housing Matters.

Back in time, back in space, gifts of time was spent, marking time, playing dead. Shark eaten by land whales, flipped and eaten alive, for the earth angel lost in time, broken wings to go with broken heart, hopes to burning, lights still on. Time to take life back, out of the clouds in the sky, angel dust, speed, and meth, words to work, all the same, faces on coins, faces on cards, wild cards, snakes in grass. Trips to hell and back, how to get back up, love and devotion with a twist, truthful and honesty, used for punch lines. Lives to tales, history online, started, in 2011, had a blast for Christmas 2012, Grandmother died, and song Grandmother got ran over by a reindeer, turn 30 on Christmas 2012. 

Loved the story, of one grandmother to die, on Christmas 2012, cancer death this time, out of her mind in pain, pills to live for the last five years, or was it AIDS, and a cover up, for Marilyn Gershire, Sheri Jarrots mother, to die that day.Pages to turn, books to write, life on the edge, life in the dark. Life with the Steven Jarrot, was a nightmare, being put in last place. So many people to rule his life, his beliefs that god rules from his kids hair, so much about the pictures that ended in the trash, last place is not a place to stay. Had enough with the cash being lost, sleeping with a snake, that stole my money every month, on shit he wanted, and it was not enough. 

The drugs used as an excuse, for the changes that took place, really that was sad. He refused to stop and look in the mirror, to the type of person he was then in 2013. Got the cash for birthday of that year, $12,000, should have been the house, no question about it, in my mind. Instead, Steven Jarrot, was able to buy three trycts, with $400 he ask for, and the rest came from where?$850 a month does not pay for three, he bought with girlfriends cash, did he ask for it, or just take it? More lies and more excuses were in place, and the party that year on May 5, 2013.  

 Songs for the rats, songs for the fish, songs for the horse and pony shows, rats to races. Strangers to friends, dreams of more to life, dances on the beach, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes done. 

Notes of sinners, notes of saints, notes of girls lost in the woods. Dazes in the rain, dazes in the sun, dazes with drama, work to be done. Stories of the earth angels, stories of the fairies, stories of the hark knocks, classes on lover and haters, songs to sing. Glory dazes done, mountains to climb, valleys to cross, crooks and robbers, sinners and saints, birds in the dogwood trees. 


Ready to go there, not now, maybe later, back in to the pain, of third party views, of someone that I love, her life in hell, her life with Steven Jay Jarrot, the snake in the grass. The life with a snake within the house, to steal free will, to bury the joy of an earth angel, with lies for a kid without hair, trades done back in time. Back in space, in another live, in a lost and confused veteran, that came into her income for services in the military. Cash started for life, without a snake in the house, moving on, marching forward, mountains to climb, valleys to cross, schools of hard knocks to do, hard knocks over for now. Blue skies, blue oceans, blue dreams of life on the mountains. Birds and bees, butterflies and frogs, glory dazes done, flowers in the dogwood trees, monkeys to dodge...

Love and hate, singing songs, birds and bees, dances in the dark. Movies and pictures, taken to share, good times, glory holes in the wall, dicks to shows, horse and pony hits, races for rats. Snakes and worms, boys to dicks, mouths to cum, dicks for joys. Gifts of life, gifts of love , goat and sheep, bike riders. Schools of hard knocks, free rides to go, dicks to share, good times. Lessons to learn, to talk, to write, to share the tales in the air. Good times. Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls.

Jokes and laughs, April Fools Day, April the month for fools, the whole month, not just one day. Patterns set...Snakes Smoking, Daily Event, Steven and Sima Jarrot, 7608512267. Frogs 2...Saints and Sinners - Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, can not stop, turning the pages, books to write, tales and tales, history recorded. Written not, tips to share, bumps in the roads, dances with smoking snakes, tricks to trade, shit in bags, dicks to suck, glory holes.

Sima and Sheri Jarrot, cheap tricks, wigs and caps, for bad hair days. Tips on lovers and haters, goats to horns, horns of love and hate, coins to toss, games of chances. Ships Floats: Dreams and nightmare, ships out on seven seas. Dragons, lions and bears, into the woods, maps of monkey tales.

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