Sunday, March 20, 2016

Back In Time, American Toads, Jewish Lifestyle Changed, Over Time.

Life for a sinner, life of a saint, bumps in the road, songs to sing, who to blame, top of the charts. Hands to hearts, heat to homes, veterans with stories, veterans lost and alone, tops of the mountains, and the reason for the marches on the madness, faces to changes, voices of others, lost and confused, pot to pills, the government way, ways to grow, ways to expand. Hats to halos, hats to horns, goats and horns to sound, love and hate, faces of snakes. Faces and time lost in space, earth angels out of water, angels on earth, fairy to some, the kid that did not grow up. Tricks and trades done over time, classes on love and hate, set to start over again, learned to teach another way, ways to grow. 

God-dresses, gods of war, Mars and March, marching to greatness, goodness and mercy to follow, always out to lend a hand. Corrections to mistakes, time on the cross, and trips to hell and back. Balls in the air, acts and deeds, rewards for lights on, stars in darkness, sunny for a minute, lost in time, lost in the woods. Girls in red hood, wolves and snakes in the trees, flowers open for the sunlight, birds and bees in the air. 

Wings to fly, flowers for trees, dogwood in the woods, monkeys to fly, year of the monkeys on hand, jokes and laughs, for the path taken, the ships that passed at night. Snakes and frogs to dodge, California dreams, Cali dramas, classes on love and hate, tricks and trades, live of a cum snake or two. Tales to be told, stories to be written, fairy tales, mountains to climb, ships to sales. ..

Pages to turn, books to write, life on the edge, life in the dark. Life with the Steven Jarrot, was a nightmare, being put in last place. So many people to rule his life, his beliefs that god rules from his kids hair, so much about the pictures that ended in the trash, last place is not a place to stay. Had enough with the cash being lost, sleeping with a snake, that stole my money every month, on shit he wanted, and it was not enough. The drugs used as an excuse, for the changes that took place, really that was sad. He refused to stop and look in the mirror, to the type of person he was then in 2013. Got the cash for birthday of that year, $12,000, should have been the house, no question about it, in my mind. Instead, Steven Jarrot, was able to buy three trycts, with $400 he ask for, and the rest came from where?$850 a month does not pay for three, he bought with girlfriends cash, did he ask for it, or just take it? More lies and more excuses were in place, and the party that year on May 5, 2013.  

Ready to go there, not now, maybe later, back in to the pain, of third party views, of someone that I love, her life in hell, her life with Steven Jay Jarrot, the snake in the grass. The life with a snake within the house, to steal free will, to bury the joy of an earth angel, with lies for a kid without hair, trades done back in time. Back in space, in another live, in a lost and confused veteran, that came into her income for services in the military. Cash started for life, without a snake in the house, moving on, marching forward, mountains to climb, valleys to cross, schools of hard knocks to do, hard knocks over for now. Blue skies, blue oceans, blue dreams of life on the mountains. Birds and bees, butterflies and frogs, glory dazes done, flowers in the dogwood trees, monkeys to dodge...

Love and hate, singing songs, birds and bees, dances in the dark. Movies and pictures, taken to share, good times, glory holes in the wall, dicks to shows, horse and pony hits, races for rats. Snakes and worms, boys to dicks, mouths to cum, dicks for joys. Gifts of life, gifts of love , goat and sheep, bike riders. Schools of hard knocks, free rides to go, dicks to share, good times. Lessons to learn, to talk, to write, to share the tales in the air. Good times. Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls.

Hello Peter Pan,With a boat to sale, ships of dreams, to day free to rock the boat, free to float your boat. Dream life on the sea, where again, how big is the boat, and are you 420 connected, have those questions, left in the air, and your age, for the seasons in the sun, glory days done. 

Have another project in the works, have to create blue oceans of dreams, in the deep blue seas. Worker reading rainbows now. Dreams and drama, works in actions, dreams and hopes to fires, colors of the light. Life is a beach, life is an daily adventure, dreams in dancing, dreams in motion, ways to grow, have to have a little help. Dancing in the rain, dancing for life, stars to shine at night. 

Knights and kings, Peter Pan, ships to sell, ships of dreams in the water.  Blue Star Steel, Shawn Waters, John and Joseph, men to count, giants with skills, teams to create, blue prints to create. Blue oceans, blue dreams, love and water, fairy tales in the words, dreams in action. Speakers for terms, $13 Million on the line. Percents to parts, cash on the table, seed money to start, games on paper, wealth and housing. to talk terms at 206-946-0600
Project manger, talk with him, he has the rest of the details for the housing project and the five year plans.  Project for China, plans for veterans housing over there, wars to battles, houses for veterans, and the good that make a home. Travel for some, day in the park, lives in the military, games on paper, cash on the table, coins to exchange hands, 49 parts to give for the =$13 Million. You bring to the table, is the plan, miracles in mind, cash from a king, water on the line. Shawn Waters, John Waters, carry of kings, carry the knights, bowls of fish, fish to live in a circle of light, circles of frogs, circles of life. Ready to get started? Shawn Waters to carry the ball, starting up now, up at bat, ball game, balls in the air. 

Just part of my day, just one or two hats to wear, dreams in motion, crazy or insane, mountains to climb, ships to sale, have a blast every day, lessons to learn, hands to lend a hand, help to give, never to hurt, to learn and to grow, on the sands of time. Lots of love to share, lots of laughs and jokes, good times in the dances for life. True knights to giants on land, jacks and balls, marbles in a bag, boys and their toys, baby boomers to some. Me too.


Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates.

Free Rides, Snakes To Bury, Dicks For Shows...Party and Play, Classes Of Dogs, Dicks To BoatDick Jarrot, Steven Not Adam: Dreams, Life of Tasteful Delights, Movies Made, Dream Lives...Jewish Dreams, dream life for Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lots of dicks to suck, cheap tricks, with suck dick anywhere, day jobs, nuts to go. Happy dazes in the bed, happy dicks on a boat, dicks in line for the RV pimps. Upland cows, snakes in grass, party and play pals, dates for drugs, sex to cum, open mouths, cheap dates. American Birds.RV campers, Steven Jarrot, number one, crook of computers, Best Buys, done in darkness, still in the dark. Birthday issues, gifts to share. Tales and it's time for lights on deeds and actions. History recorded, 

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