The Form I students are proudly displaying the bugs they caught for the Form IV students’ biology practicals. Shops that sell these creatures are nonexistent in Tanzania, so the younger students have had to hunt the school grounds and surrounding villages for the hundreds of worms,spiders, scorpions and even snake skins to help their academic brothers and sisters.

''Men have known the existence of a vast, savage land to the south since the first of them took to the sea in ships, for only the widht of the Summer Sea separates Sothoryos from the ancient civilizations and great cities of Essos and Westeros. The Ghiscari established outposts on its northern shores in the days of the Old Empire. They raised the walled city Zamettar at the mouth of the river Zamoyos, and built the grim penal colony of Gorosh on Wyvern Point. Qarthe...

If you really want to scare your players, don't throw a ghost or a dragon or a demon at them. Think about the things that tap into some primal freak-out response deep inside your players, things from the real world. What really gets under YOUR skin?
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"Eww, worms, so slimy and gross."
"Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?"
There are plenty of scary monsters in RPGs, but there ...