Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Celebrate Traditions, Jewish Rites, Daily Hopes, Purple Lights

Time to sing songs, dates to set, bones in a box, dicks and chicks, lessons learned or not. To fail time and time again, life lessons of joys and pains, frogs and fools, life at stake. Birthday blues, songs to sing, Jesus Christ, dogs and snakes, monkeys to swing again, dogwood trees in the woods. Angels Mike: climb to the mountain tops, angels goodness and mercy, back to back, notes in the wings, songs in the wind, gifts to share, in the fields of dreams. Movies that have not been seen, pieces of a dreams, sailing the seven seas, dances in the dark. Jokes on fools and frogs, party and play on the beach, snakes in the grass, out to steal and rob the blind. Tips to dodge the rocks under the surface.

Tin Man Tales: Donkeys, Snakes, Frogs, Monkeys To Dodge

Grains of Trash: RV Campers, White Trash On Wheels, Pimps And Drug Lards: Land Whales In Sight:Dodge The Snakes Dens::Horse and Pony Shows:Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, butches, bitches, fag hags, party and play, treats to treat. Good times to cum, party and play, dates on the beach, Steven Jarrot, snakes in your house, snakes in your friends, lights on, ready to tell, time to get a new life. Reflections today, third party views, facts and fiction. Fruit and nuts, freaks to party and play, butches, bitches, and fag hags, dates on the beach. Butch to direct home movies, porn stars, nibbles to eat, fresh dick suckers, birthday wishes, for the crooks and robbers...

Wig Caps: Wigs Off, Wigs For Sale, Rachel Jarrot, Butch to ...
https://rachel104life.wordpress.com/2014/05/03/my-future-in-the-media-world-uncertain-but-certainly-exciting/#commentsFrog Prince:Jewish Army 2005: Contact 760 851 2267 to concur statements written, from his point of views. Blame game played always, fingers pointed at others for deeds and actions, Lissa Desilva asked for the stick up backside with out lube for joy and pleasures given for the dance of death set for May 2013- Apr 22, 2014

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