Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mud Covered Glasses, Steven and Adam Jarrot, Lovers Knights

Frogs, Snakes, Jewish White Lights, good times on the side of the road: Steven Jarrot,  7608512267, frog kissed in the dark, fell in a den of snakes, triips to hell and back, pimped and sold for cash to buy hair for Rach Jay, no not him, Rachel Jarrot, the bald turkey, 6 times for $6000 each, had to leave.....Not love for life, view of Steve not Adam, dick sucker for big dicks. YOU ALWAYS WERE THE ONE TO SAY TIME TO TURN THE PAGE TIME FOR A NEW CHAPTER. LISA IF I CAN HELP YOU I WILL. LETS NOT HOLD ANGER LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL REALLY MAKE THE BEST OF IT I WILL HELP U IF YOU WANT. I'M HAPPY AS CAN BE LIFE HAS BEEN BEAUTIFUL I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED YOU CAN TOO.

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Happy to say it was not right, to say shut up, or you would throw out of a moving van, Father's Day, 2012, trip to hell and back, cow went to concern by herself, dressed like Sima Jarrot. Bitch to fuck her father, all her life, fast and hard, lover for life.  U JUST NEED TO FIND OTHER THINGS TO WRITE AND BLOG ABOUT LIKE THE POSITIVE THINGS LIFE HAS TO OFFER. AND BTW MY HEALTH IS GREAT BECAUSE MY MIND IS POSITIVE. YOUR WILL BE TOO. I'LL PRAY FOR YOU. FEEL FREE TO CALL ME ANYTIME. ITS NEVER TO LATE TO FIX THINGS REMEMBER THAT .

Hell Rings: New day, new dazes, new dawns, new starts, and the wheels keep on rolling alone, on the road to greatness, deeds and actions, dreams to actions, and hope floating looking for a place to land. Marking time is killing time and it is for the undead and unstable people that rule the world, and the dense and dim witted are in control again, or still is what it is in real time, or dead time working for another sack of shit, or lyon sacks of shit, some man in charge. Hard to tell, dogs that does not learn new tricks. 

Songs to sing, dances around the fires with the fake friends, whales on land. Gifts from the center of the earth, hell hounds to date. Steven, Charles R., Rachel Jarrot, butch, bitch, forever buff. Sheri, party and play pals, licks and suckers in the family of freaks Jarrots. Gods or gifts, not them, tricks and cheaters.... time to party and play with the best cocksucker, expert pussy lecher in Indio, Ca.

Donkeys in hills in Riverside....Best fake friend, cheater, alert, girlfriends change by the hour, for pimp and drug dealer, new bags of best sacks of shit to spare, extra special this holiday seasons. Season passes available with purchase of two fists for Seven snakes or STEVEN JAY JARROT, UP HIS ASS DICKS HAVEN.... he does know his way around a dick, best cucksucker to date...:
Cum by and sit on Steven's face, for his tasteful treats, and pleasures for you. Low standards set, tricks, Johns, pitchers alert, two fists desired in backside of Jarrot Super-freak, Steven Jarrot, 7605643510- the "the whale" or "fat boy", terms of internment share by family, friends, and foes. Delights await.

I write stories based on my views of the lasting impressions made of the joys and pains of the bumps in the road, have lots of blogs, and tales told online. Views are like noses, and snakes, rats, and jackasses to run the county. Have blogs created in 2004-Life is a Beach, and good and sweet tips, just to name a few.Jokes now, had a few sit backs, back on my feet again on that page.  -Steve Jarrot, "fat boy",tales of 300 guys he sucked and fucked , Rachel and Sheri fucks and sucks just like sire.
Butch to direct home movies, porn stars, nibbles to eat, fresh dick suckers, birthday wishes, for the crooks and robbers., Rachel Gay Jarrot, 7609020855, whale to date.  turns to take a walk on the beast with oral skills to share, daily gifts,  with a frog princesses, more fat to feed for greatness in large frame, whale on land to party and play, on the beach?

Steven Jarrot, his birthday shirt, his mouth at work, day job, pimping on beach, pimps in Upland also, daddy of the year? Good times to share, for the face fucks, songs to sing of how fat she is, dances to the hairs that fall from the freaks wigs to date, for the fun and games. Hands out for a free ride on the face of a frog, bitch in heat for the low roads to riches. Gifts to share, fake friend to flip on a dime, cars to steal with daddy again. Pimp on wheels, RV camper, sinners and saints, friends of his, cheater to date, lick her pussy a little bit, just for practice, she did not suck his dick. What Dick? Laughs for months, jokes for years, jack off dick from side to side, freak, for sure.....

 This was an email, that I got from my sister from another mother, and how upset she still is about learning the type of frog the bullfrog really is or  reptile that has not learned any new life lessons since he got out of school by the skin on his teeth at Fairfax High  School in Hollyweird, California-when dirt was young-(Steve/Eve/Adam 4 Adam Jarrot)  Steven Jarrot 7608512267 :still dump as rocks? Brains exchanged for trains, so sad just senseless now, and full of self as always. You can share your views are not, these are written history, okay you know, recorded..

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