Friday, January 29, 2016

Grains of Trash: RV Campers, White Trash On Wheels, Pimps And Drug Lards: Land Whales In Sight:Dodge The Snakes Dens::Horse and Pony Shows:Rachel and Sheri Jarrot, butches, bitches, fag hags, party and play, treats to treat. Good times to cum, party and play, dates on the beach, Steven Jarrot, snakes in your house, snakes in your friends, lights on, ready to tell, time to get a new life. Reflections today, third party views, facts and fiction. Fruit and nuts, freaks to party and play, butches, bitches, and fag hags, dates on the beach. Butch to direct home movies, porn stars, nibbles to eat, fresh dick suckers, birthday wishes, for the crooks and robbers.

Seven Snakes, American Toads Army Of Frogs, Steven ..Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, coins to flip, beach girls. Tricks by RV Parties: Land Whales, cows and buffalo on land, cattle callers, tails to share, joys and pass deeds and actions of love and devotion. Birthday wishes done tomorrow, fools and freaks, party and play on the beach. Lyons to faces in mirror. Looks fading fast, more lost hairs to spare, forehead built to land planes, jokers and poker players to the right. 

Seven Snakes, or the Prince of Frogs, Jackass leader of pack of mules, burros, and donkeys. Steven Jarrot, 090462: 7605643510, whale on land to date, RV camper in Ventura? Oxnard? Fruits and nuts to go, catcher for balls, cum for the sucker of the year, whales to date.Tribe members, and what they stand for, GED Super Size Whales, Jewish Bisexual Jarrot Army 2015: Steers and queers, on that side of the family, Cuban transplants, Paul and Sima Jarrot, weeks before the bun- Steven  Jarrot, was born an American Toad. Frogs, Toads, or Jackasses. pick?

Back in the day, some time ago, went for a ride with a wolf or two. Glasses and mud to the eyes, Jewish White Lies, mirrors of snakes, frogs and bitches in heat. Trips to hell, and hell to pay, trips with the hell hounds, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, kids and goats, sheep and lamb, Charlie and Rachel Jarrot, to follow, lessons on classes, snakes and frogs, trips to the battle fields. Days of sadness, dazes of pain, trips to the hills, to the valleys of shame. Hated life ,hated the people, is what my sisters had to say, about the snakes and the frogs, that came to stay.

Love my gems, notes to share, minds open in exchange, dream to share, hopes and wishes, for more and better. Lovers and haters, life as one once, diamonds in the sky, love my gems, words to share. Third party, third period, in another life, pages to turn, not ready to go back wards, moving on. March to madness, march to win, songs to write, tales to be told. Love from the sky, love in the air, dreams dancing in my head, kings on quests, the good guys. Steven Jarrot, sjfulldeck, that is debateable, a full deck, and 6 cans to make a 6-pack, water off a ducks back, tricks for a snake or a frog, dream life, with a full of cards to play, poker player on deck. Tricks and trades, time to tell a tale or two. Gifts of words to share, trips to hell and back, with this hell hound, or the family of jackasses in the hills and the valleys, jokes now. 

Just white trash in Ontario, Ventura on wheels in house parked on beaches for days. Like the low life and happiness with peace and love by the sea, gay white male lies. Rachel and Rocky Jetson has desires for greatness in UCLA classes, only five stars? Teacher and student always needed to learn new way of living. Hate labels, actions of love.
Redo return to square one, start over again, history in place stories, tales, blogs, and tweets. Impressions and views online to share...

Steven Jarrot, sjfulldeck, coins to flip, cards on the table, faces in the mirror, good times, tips online to share, glory days done, trips to hell and back, hell hound, and jackasses of the Jewish Whale Type. fingers pointed at others for the damages done to name, had nothing to do with it, saint not a sinner, crook and robber, hats to wear. Hacker also, shoe on the other foot, dances in the rain. Faces in the mirror, faces under the surface, animals, snakes, frogs, fish, land whales, monkeys, tigers, and goats and sheep, just to name a few, times to take a ride with a snake or a wolf. 

American Toads, Seven Snakes, Steven and Rachel Jarrot

Tips and Tales, frogs and snakes in grass, Steven Jarrot, tips to hell and back, time on the cross, over and done, classes on love and hate, tales to spin, American Birds, American Girls, American Dogface Butterflies, from the blue states. Birds and bees, songs to sing on the radio, good cheers. Happy days again, glory dazes done.....Lyons Dick Wonders: RV Dreamer:Steven Jarrot, 7608512267....Snake in the grass definition, Sheri B. Jarrot 7608512267 ...

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  1. Bumps in the roads, lies about dogs, and ;pictures, ikn the trash, out to lunch, dogs asleep, two legs, dogs in bed, the other out with the dirty clothes. Trips to the doctors, trips to tell the cops, the dog is gone, my women, took the dog and had him killed, the love of my life, hated dogs, except me, was the real story, and I did for love for myself, is how he did it, what he said, out of the whole in his head. Jokes and laughs, tears and pain, bumps in the roads, rocks and potholes, back on the bus. Black and white, notes on the RV, pictures of love and hate, the golden cow.