Sunday, February 21, 2016

Birds And Bees, Birds To Fly, Times To Wait, Sandy Beaches

Flags to fly, colors to blew, the great, reasons to fight, American Veterans. Flags to waves, flags in the wind, the rights to fights, the rights to bare arms, flights of rights.Dances in the wind, dances on the sands of time, time to take a stand. Lovers and haters, back in the day, love and hate, horns to blow, goat horns, the love, the hate, which side to watch. Coins to flip, cards to flip, lights to shine, bets for what, free life. True blue turns to love and to hate, classes on the beaches, to do more than once, tricks and trades done instead. To do again, twice is the normal for frogs and fish, that live under the sands. 

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Rats, snakes, and frogs, under the sands of time, stuck on stupid, 6 can short of a 6-pack of brains.  Love and life, trips to the heavens, birds to fly, great and wonderful sites to see, true blue birds, to stand in the winds. American birds, american dreams, american to lead the way, eagles to fly for the rights. Birds and bees, love and hate, flowers in the trees, on top of the world, higher place to be. Above the snakes, above the frogs, birds to fly to the heavens, trips to the gods on high, high times. 

Seasons, reasons, causes, birds and bees, gifts to share, out on a limb. Friends and lovers, haters and snakes, food for fun, tricks and trades, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Color of dreams, color of new worlds, blue oceans to create, life in the pots of goals. Happy to share the play on word, strings to play, horns to blow, goats and sheep, love and hate horns on a goat. Days in the heavens, dazes in hell, trips to the stars, have to let go, angels to dance to the knights, blues to float with hope, purple lights, in line to greatness, dreams of mine...

Monkey hits, horse and pony shows, trips to the beach, good times, life of a frog. Beach life is what to live, dodges to games, balls in the air, tricks and tracks to beat, rats races daily events. Rats to races, horse and pony shows, trips to the beach, ways to go, tips to share. Classes on shore, how to ride the waves, lovers and haters to cum, for the freaks with little pieces of looks. Suits to swim, swims to play, suits that are bare, or not there, birthday suits to show, monkeys and frogs on the beaches.

.....Charco Group Consultants: Charles R. Jarrot, A Professional Corporation Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates.

...Bad apples some of them, houses with bed bugs, to give the veterans hope, does not work very well, need blue oceans created. What you have and what you want, blue oceans for the cash on the tables, papers to place, dreams in action, real life. Life in the shadows, gift of tales, of the good times, sad stories and the lessons learned to share. Gifts of seas of tears spent, climbing back up to brighter dazes, out of hell created for love and devotion. Bent and twisted views of land whales, cows on land, whales that live on land or in the 7 seas. 

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