Saturday, February 20, 2016

Black and White Matters, Horns To Blow, Dazes Done

Back in the day, some time ago, went for a ride with a wolf or two. Glasses and mud to the eyes, Jewish White Lies, mirrors of snakes, frogs and bitches in heat. Trips to hell, and hell to pay, trips with the hell hounds, Steven and Sheri Jarrot, kids and goats, sheep and lamb, Charlie and Rachel Jarrot, to follow, lessons on classes, snakes and frogs, trips to the battle fields. Days of sadness, dazes of pain, trips to the hills, to the valleys of shame. Hated life ,hated the people, is what my sisters had to say, about the snakes and the frogs, that came to stay.

Just white trash in Ontario, Ventura on wheels in house parked on beaches for days.
Like the low life and happiness with peace and love by the sea, gay white male lies.
Rachel and Rocky Jetson has desires for greatness in UCLA classes, only five stars?
Teacher and student always needed to learn new way of living. Hate labels, actions of love.
Redo return to square one, start over again, history in place stories, tales, blogs, and tweets.
Impressions and views online to share...

Steven Jarrot, sjfulldeck, coins to flip, cards on the table, faces in the mirror, good times, tips online to share, glory days done, trips to hell and back, hell hound, and jackasses of the Jewish Whale Type. fingers pointed at others for the damages done to name, had nothing to do with it, saint not a sinner, crook and robber, hats to wear. Hacker also, shoe on the other foot, dances in the rain. Faces in the mirror, faces under the surface, animals, snakes, frogs, fish, land whales, monkeys, tigers, and goats and sheep, just to name a few, times to take a ride with a snake or a wolf. 

Inline image 1

Once there was a fool, but just a jester-Steven Jarrot:7608512267 dated 090462, a man that was perfect, in his own eyes, and girlfriend Llissa Desilva did not agree, she hated the tales of his youth, tales of him cheating on first wife, Carol Jarrot, or second wife Sheri Jarrot, and hated the role model that his is today.
Stories, tales, tips, tweets were created to bring a little light, on truthfulness and honesty, that is something that needs a few more kinks to be straighten out, views on lifestyle are in question, and deeds and behaviors. Steven Jarrot, has always been a cheater, and once a cheater, also a liar, and also a jester that thinks he is a gift to mankind still, with his oral talents on the market for displace veterans, like last girlfriend, that was told to shut up most of the time, so she created stories to match the real life events, time she spent in hell with this family. With their fingers pointed at others for the acts or deeds that have come in question, as a form of lies that twist the truth, and is tainted with their use most of the time. Time to wake up, and turn on the lights on this Army of Bisexual Super-size freaks, that come out at night, and wear masks during the day.

Why Steven Jarrot, why not? Views are like noses and everyone has one, and this is just written views, of a every day earth angel that you love for a minute or two, then the short hairs (your balls), were pulled, and Sheri Jarrot, fag hag 1 of Uplands, has been playing you for years, since the birth of golden cow-Rachel Gay Jarrot, the princess to lick and kiss forever on one hand, perfect? Not or moot, or course, my views written court more. Peace and love by the sea, and happy RV camping for a life time. Enjoy.

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