Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Frogs And Snakes, Circles To Life, Dinner Treats

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Lights to shine, tales to spin, trips around the woods. Gifts of joys and pains, bumps in the road, paths taken, with snakes and frogs. Trips to hell and back, snakes and frogs, games to play, good times. History recorded, tricks and trades, goodness and mercy, teachers of angels, angels to fly, gifts to dazes, done on the sands of time. Trips to the mountains, trips to the blue oceans, seas to create, trips to the heaven, birds in the sky. Angels to toast, angels to writes, angels on earth.

.....Paths Taken: Pictures flashing in dreams, free as a bird, mountains tops sights to see. Flying far away from shadows in the dark. Fresh flowers on the dogwood  trees. Monkeys see and monkey do swinging from branches on the trees. Life is an adventure and a gift to share. Good times after classes on the beach, to end: effects never die, no is a note to the next opportunity,windows open.

Walks in the park, fun on the sands of time, foxes and horses. New life with dogwood butterflies, dancing in the rain. The horse and the fox, animals under the skin, out of sight. Races and hurts with the fox by horse riders. Notes to share, pictures not clear, strangers to friends, foxes and horses. Magic in the numbers, magic in the air, daily gifts to share, trips to the moon.

Signs of the times, stars in the sky, animals under the skin. Happy notes from a witch, also a five star bitch, babe in touch in control, and in charge of events and places during her journey. Weird is wonderful, exciting, interesting, real and different,good guys to dance away the days. Life is an adventure every day, magic in the air, power in the greens and blues.

Pieces of a dream, Kindness Church, full of peace and understanding, goodness and mercy angels for of love, peace, and joys. Wishes, prayers, desires out for rewards, dances  on the beach. Beds alone, dreams in color, best dazes yet to come, songs to sing. Stronger now, was not killed with snakes and land whales. Out of the darkness of the dens of snakes, back to bake on the beach. Happy notes, time spent in hell, hanging on a dogwood  tree. Stronger for the classes on love and devotion, in the first attempts in learning, practice to perfection not to fail, good times.

Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, sucker for free rides, computers to steal, dates on the beach. Weird is : wonderful, educated, interesting, real and different, notes....Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, clowns swinging or hanging on dogwood trees. Clown Shows for fun and food, books on sunny dazes on the beach. Treats in fun and fools, signs of animals under the skin, suckers to cum. Notes of others, May 19, 2013. SNAKES AND FROGS TO DODGERS NOTES:  Thanks and praises, hands in the air, angels out, corrections done, goodness and mercy, to follow, angels in host. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers. Lover and hates, cats and rats, cartoon hits, Micky Mouse, tales to share, hats to wear. Good times,songs to play, dances on the sands of time. Happy and delighted, tales of rats, tales of horse and pony shows, dances of love and hate. Hats to wear, goats and sheep, food to eat, another day....Chinese New Year Parade 2015 in New York Chinatown.

Love and life, trips to the heavens, birds to fly, great and wonderful sites to see, true blue birds, to stand in the winds. American birds, american dreams, american to lead the way, eagles to fly for the rights. Birds and bees, love and hate, flowers in the trees, on top of the world, higher place to be. Above the snakes, above the frogs, birds to fly to the heavens, trips to the gods on high, high times.

Seasons, reasons, causes, birds and bees, gifts to share, out on a limb. Friends and lovers, haters and snakes, food for fun, tricks and trades, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Color of dreams, color of new worlds, blue oceans to create, life in the pots of goals. Happy to share the play on word, strings to play, horns to blow, goats and sheep, love and hate horns on a goat. Days in the heavens, dazes in hell, trips to the stars, have to let go, angels to dance to the knights, blues to float with hope, purple lights, in line to greatness, dreams of mine...

Notes to the veterans, notes to the snakes and frogs, eagles eyes open, eyes on you, monkeys and donkeys in hell, hounds hunts for rats to eat. Good times, snakes and frogs, food to eat, birds in the sky, 360 degree targets, high lights in flights, birds in trees, dogs and bitches in heat, goats and sheep in the fields. Happy and delighted, Happy Friday, songs to sing, birds and bees, eagles in the sky, American Birds, sit and spin, tales in the air, heaven and the stars, to shine daily, delights. 
Dick Jarrot, Steven Jarrot, just a dog, just a bitch in heat, all the time, hard to say, when he is not the gang bang pimp, on wheels , RV camper for the dicks to suck, corner hoe or freak out to rob and steal, lights to turn on, after the sun goes down, life looking at the beach over again, Ventura sandy shores. 

Steven Jarrot, Not Adam Jarrot: Dreams, Life of Tasteful Delights, Movies Made. Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls. Dicks on call, lots of tricks, trades and shit to smoke, snakes and frogs. Tricks and trades, blow jobs on the set, oral talents to shine, good times, RV campers on the grounds. 

To Fuck or not to fuck, bumps in the roads, party and play, time to pay, tales in the air, dicks to suck in lines, cameraman shots, porn stars. Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food. ...Free Rides, Snakes To Bury, Dicks For Shows.

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