Sunday, February 14, 2016

Red Hearts, Charts Read, Lovers Heat Hearts

Heaven or Hell, Up And Down, good times, dykes at work, porn stars: Rach Jay, Sher And Sima Jarrot 9096251371 home number, fuck for gas money, hair by bags for Rachel Jarrot, party girl, cheap tricks. Black and white farts: fat still looks fat, try black tent dresses. Hide the fat, dykes are cow: hogs and pigs, land whalers, cash cows. Blame games, to use a finger, three fingers points to you, a second look to take. Write and rites, horse and pony shows, cowboys jacks and bag, boy games to play. Happy Dazes Again Hard Knocks, Movie Rights, good times, lost in time and space, songs to sing. Princess Whale, the bitch of West coast, Rachel Jarrot, expired in 2015, like granny in 2012.


Glory days gone, Rach Jarrot, now flipping faces, out of her skin. New skin, new looks, new names for butches, Rach Jay, new butch on facebook. Tips and tales,  joys and pass deeds and actions of love and devotion. Notes of Life In New York, friends online, np car at all, ads for lovers yo donate cash, houses. And ads. Bargins from New York. Face Cars, Cars On Movies, trips to the moons. Standard white moons, red moon last year, 2015, what a sight to see. Dazes to dance, rats racing, horse and pony shows, trips to hell and back. Hard knocks for sure. Earth angels, Billy Bob  jacks and giants.

Horror Tales: California beaches, sunny in the fun, American Toad, Jewish Rites, good times, classes on the sands of time. Wolves for friends, into the woods, in to the dark, songs to sing. Happy notes, angels on high, goodness and mercy, angels back to backs. Schools of hard knocks, sinners and saints, into the woods, trees full of snakes and monkeys, swingers from tree to tree. American toads, snakes in dens, frogs to wait, monkeys to hang. Dogface butterflies, dogwood trees, flowers open, birds and bees, treats today. Flowers and butterflies, monkeys and snakes in the dogwood trees, time to hang on cross again. Jesus Christ, Jesuit Charlie, Charley R. Jarrot. Monkeys to swing, crooks and robbers, snakes in dens, steal from Daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, why not you?.....Fucked For Life, Day Joys, Nuts And Freaks, Dates
Mountain Tops: Once long ago, fail to learn, fairy tales, hidden messages to find. True blue in trying, sunny shine instead of rain, love and devotion believer. Luck of the Irish, hard work to practice to win, time and time again, life lessons. Notes on dreams after the climb, with the pits of snakes, pits in bowl of cherries. Thanks and praises, goodness and mercy, angels back to back, birds and bees. Good times, time castled in stone, classes on the beach, hate and love. Gifts to share, historical facts, time to laugh, tricked to death. Trips to hell all done, out of free rides, have cash can pay for better trips, without hell hounds. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers.

Red and the wolves, red girls hooded, fairy tales, real shit, joys and pains, going once again, tales to share. Practice to perfection  classic life lessons. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, common friends, mothers maybe, dead and expired, candles out. Angels in hosts, angels to shine, girls in red hoods, lucky days on the edge of light and day. Time to turn around, time to take a stand, all jokes aside. Right and wrong, three lefts will make it right, back to square one. Dream life of land whales, Sheri and Rachellyn1010, Rachel, Charles R. Jarrot, pimped by hell hound, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 to trade dream life for love and devotion, third party views, actions and deeds done without balls. Balls taken away, gifts for kids play, cum suckers, poker players, pimps and tricks, cattle and sheep, standards set for the low roads.

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