Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Golden Charms, Fires And Heat, Lovers Hats

Jumps for joy, joys and pains, love and hate, goats and sheep, wheels to turn, clocks on the watch, tales told, fairy tales, bible hits, justice eyes  owls in trees, bats out of hell, American Birds, sit and spin, turns to take...
This isn't love it's demonic just like you bitch: Steven and or Rachel Jarrot, faces to change, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, cheap tricks, Jewish Sluts, three eyes, donkeys to play, hills of asses....and you can just keep on believing you are a queen. Sinners and saints, tales in winds, monkeys to swingers, Jesus Christ, Steve Jarrot,  Charlie Games, faces in the mirror, roles to play. You will be in hell and there aren't any queens there,  just fire brimstone and wiping and gnashing of teeth forever.  You are clearly possessed, just like your mother said.  No wonder your daughter wants nothing to do with you your just a nasty person with the morals of a rotten apple. None...

Police Parties...Good times, party on the beach, fruit and nuts to go. Police calls, party and play in the dark. Friends in blue, family in black, dogs dead, songs to sing. Happy feet, dance on the beach, dances in the rain. Baby Steps:Joys and a insurance plan. Sinners and saints babies once. Old as dirt, younger than Just Evo and cards flipping. Flipping lights on setting suns, out of the shadows. Lights on boat, ships of dreams, fairy tales. Tips on seven sevens, in seven days, seven stars, candles in the wind. Chances to change seven seasons t grow, flipping cards, flipping coins, seven times. Queens red and hot, hell hounds to pay, party and prey on veterans.

Still waters, swims in the deep blue waters, fish and frogs, snakes in water, dances on the waves. Water and rocks, songs on the rocks and the waves, ships of dreams to sails. Gifts to share, tales of life on the dark side of the moon, fish in the water. Songs for the rats, songs for the fish, songs for the horse and pony shows, rats to races. Strangers to friends, dreams of more to life, dances on the beach, dances on the sands of time, glory dazes done. 

Notes of sinners, notes of saints, notes of girls lost in the woods. Dazes in the rain, dazes in the sun, dazes with drama, work to be done. Stories of the earth angels, stories of the fairies, stories of the hark knocks, classes on lover and haters, songs to sing. Glory dazes done, mountains to climb, valleys to cross, crooks and robbers, sinners and saints, birds in the dogwood trees. 

Mother Goose books. Mother Teresa, mother marys, merry and happy, goodness and mercy, fights for fame. Rachel and Rocky Jarrot-wide-ass freaks at UCLA-The Real California Cow: Whale of a girl, brains skipped for planes-went to airport to catch a plane. No brains there, just ticket to catch a plane. Happy trails off in the sea blue sunset. Snake in the grass definition, a treacherous person, especially one who feigns friendship....love and devotion...kindness...concern.....gifts of candy, flowers, diamonds (glass), in the name or words of truth and honesty in a twisted way, acceptable to family and friends.

Ships to dazes on the water, boats to sail over raw waters, races on the seven seas. Peter Pan, Captain Gilbert, boats and yachts to make, ships on the water. Songs to sing, dazes to sun, gifts on the waters, races on the seas, games on the shores, dances on the sands of time, pages to go. Boats to floats, gifts on the seven seas, joys and pains, boats to row, dreams and drama. Hands to lend, ships to sail, rocks under the waves, boats and oars, joys and pains, rocks on sands of time. Dames and chicks, angels on earth, lost and broken, for a moment or two. Angels to fall, earth angels to get back up, rocks and waves, ships of dreams to sail. 

How is it going for you? This is your time of day? Wow, you had a lot to say, and that is great, have been writing this morning, have lots of things to do, in my head, have been sad and blue. Just for a minute or two, five is the max for me, have been going so slow. Waiting for the other shoe to fall, have to wait for better 420, and what I have now, gave me lots of dental issues, this year, had crowns fall out. Going back to dentist today for more repairs, and have to think about the pills for pot....

To grow, to expand, to change, ways to live, ways to go. Notes of time spent, time in hell, time on the cross, tales to share. Good time, lessons learned, trips to hell and back, hell hounds in the gates. Frogs and snakes, monkeys in the dogwood trees. Monkeys to swingers, snakes in dens, donkeys in packs, tales of chances to change. Hands to wash, ships of dreams, to sell, to sell for the dazes in the sun. Why not,happy new year.  No one is worth hurting over for any length of time. Time doesn't have to harden us, but is here to teach us.

Guns to peace, guns for wars, guns to hands, wars and battles won, games of the military. Wars and battles for the rights. Guns to battles, songs of the lost, songs of the veterans, back from the wars. Battles won, battles for the reds, battles for the birds, peaces of dreams, pieces of luck, cards on the table, cards to flip. Angels to hear, angels in the air, angels in our lives, time for the thanks. Thanks for the life, thanks for the time, thanks for the space, nuts and fools. Frogs to guns, frogs to battles, tales of luck, tales of love, faces in the mirror, snakes and frogs, tales to be told.

Dances for love, dances for movie roles, time to work, sucking dicks, good times, glory holes on the walls. Dicks on call, lots of tricks, trades and shit to smoke, snakes and frogs. Tricks and trades, blow jobs on the set, oral talents to shine, good times, RV campers on the grounds. To Fuck or not to fuck, bumps in the roads, party and play, time to pay, tales in the air, dicks to suck in lines, cameraman shots, porn stars. Shit for brains, snakes in grass, frogs for food, Steven and Rachel Jarrot, can not stop, turning the pages, books to write, tales and tales, history recorded. 

Waters Knights

Lighted Waters Gifts to share on the sands of time long ago, there ws once a man and a women, love at first sight, accross the deck of the ferry, cars were loaded, a forty minute trip, across the sound. Trips by car, trips by tain, lots of time to kill, three days both ways. Okay , great day to be alive and on the right side of the grave, a good day always for me, how about you? Time to remove the mask, or get lost in the mixed, and it is always about control, of course. Email address exchange time, and more details to build the house on sand? Ready to purchase a house, have cash rea... more »

Giant for sure, decades lived???located where, teacher or student, classes of tall trees, in the woods...Bear in the woods, 420 grower as well, how tall again, and the decade you were born, a baby boomer for sure? Writing time, have to write a letter for my transcripts, going back to school, non-profit management, and that is the beginning, going to learn how to do parties, event planning, born to party right. Causes, seasons, and reasons, to go forward, battles to win, horse and pony shows, searches for a rite knight, to sail and the travel with, games of love. Games of chances, mountains to climb, seas to cross, writing time now. How old are you again, in the decades, the experiences you have had. 

In the air, for a minute, pages of lives, birds in the air, bees and bugs, in the tall trees. Dogwood trees, in the winds, on the sands of time,to stand over times, winds to blue skies. American birds, eagles to fly, songs on the mountain tops, birds to rise, birds to fly far in the skies, food to eat, games to eat. Good times, times to dance, time to sing, glory days done. Bumps in the road, the pits and the potholes, joys and pains, gifts to the others, books to read. Tricks and turns, three lefts to make a right, pages of love, pages of hate. Angels to mother, funny faces to others, ugly is a hard word, not what I would say, notes of history online, jokes and pains, pages to turn, how to get things done. Dogs and bitches in heat, fruits and nuts to go. Faces in the mirror, 1000 words, gifts of tales to share, Jewish Rites, dances in the dark, dances with snakes. Gifts to share, stories and tales of snakes and frogs.

Good times, trips to hell and back, stuck on stupid people gone, happy dazes again, glory dazes done. Love my gems, notes to share, minds open in exchange, dream to share, hopes and wishes, for more and better. Lovers and haters, life as one once, diamonds in the sky, love my gems, words to share. Third party, third period, in another life, pages to turn, not ready to go back wards, moving on. March to madness, march to win, songs to write, tales to be told. 

Lover and haters, goats and sheep, tales in the air, with the hopes, dreams with babes in classes. Classes of lovers, classes of haters, classes of sinners and saints, pages to turn, coins to flip, good times. Times to sing, time to dance, time to write, the songs and the horses to shows. Circles of life, circles of charms, circles and games, wheels to go around. 12 times a day, faces to flash, time and space, animals under the skin. Classes to teach, classes to take, classes of every day, every hour, as a teacher or a student. 

Houses in the hills, houses in the valleys, houses to create, to build, and to man, oceans of blue dreams. Starting now, ready , set to go, just need another hand, have 8 up in the air, animals under the skin, hard at work. Coins to flip, cards to flip, dances in the air. Birds and bees, birds in the air, spinning on times, dimes to drop, hats in the air, high time. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, flying in the sky now, planes in the air. 

COME SWIM WITH THE BIG FISH....Want to cum and play with bi male/female trade or barter for fun. pics,stats and where you want to host at. 420 half once or $110 or ?Transferable skills to barter for fun. Ready to cum play now?7608512267.....Land whale, tickets for free plane rides, exchanged for brains, dense, shallow, self serving, forever and alway. Fruits and nuts Rachel and lovers, Steven, Charles R.. Sima-Queen of England?  Sheri Jarrot, blonde, bottle, bimbo, whale on land to date.

American Toads, Seven Snakes, 7608512267: SJFullDeck@gmail.com...Steven and Rachel Jarrot

Dicks,Snakes: Steven Jarrot | Brighter Dazes 2014. Austin Stevens Valley of the Snakes - YouTube Jay, Rach, Jarrot, Sheri, Sima Jarrot, Rachel. Jenkins, Kylie. Jervis, Kevin. Jimenez ... Luna, Steven. Luzzi, Stacy. MacMillan, Sarah. Maddox ... Polos, Steven. Poole, Justin. Poole, Matthew.  Tips and Tales, frogs and snakes in grass, Steven Jarrot, tips to hell and back, time on the cross, over and done, classes on love and hate, tales to spin, American Birds, American Girls, American Dogface Butterflies, from the blue states. Birds and bees, songs to sing on the radio, good cheers. Happy days again, glory dazes done.....Lyons Dick Wonders: RV Dreamer:Steven Jarrot, 7608512267....Snake in the grass definition, Sheri B. Jarrot 7608512267 ...

Land whale queer or steer, fucks and suck Steven and Rachel Jarrot, hell hounds, party and play family of freaks, gifts to share, oral talents to shine, family that party together, sings songs around the fires on the beaches of Cali. Friends of yours? Jewish Wide-ass, frogs to kiss for the drugs, sex, and rolls with bitches in heat with fleas...
Whale on land, 7603601613- dicks and dogs to carry by balls, suckers for love and devotion for a snake. Fake hair, fake colors, land whale. Sheri and Steven Jarrot, butch- Rachel Jarrot, dog in heat.

Hope helps clean the nightmares, of life in hell with the frogs and gods from the center of the earth...Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here.

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