Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joys And Pains, Dances In Shames, Tales Recorded


Wishes and hopes for a kind person, older and taller that has a degree or two and the wisdom of age to help guide me though the maze called life. Blessing or lessons are why we meet people is how I feel about it, have had enough lessons for this year, but I know that is not true. Every day you are a teacher or a student, and for me that means being an example. Trying to change people by your example only works if they like you, otherwise you get suck into a world beneath standard that you live by.
I have some 420 to give/barter for a wet kitty for - m4w - 45 (oxnard)age : 45 : Dated August 22, 2014: words of snake charmer-Steve Jarrot-7608512267: Not a cheater is how he sees his-self, and the ads he places while girlfriends works, flying here and there, fake boyfriends, same as pimps: though the mud that covers his glasses now. views of a man, not a cheater?...SO IF YOU LET ME SUCK, NIBBLE AND LICK YOUR KITTY, I WILL GIVE YOU SOME 420 & OR OTHER PARTY FAVOR. U TELL ME . SQUITERS GET BONUS. HOSTING ALL NIGHT. YOUR PIC WITH REPLY PLEASE
. 76036016


This isn't love it's demonic just like you bitch and you can just keep on believing you are a queen. You will be in hell and there aren't any queens there,  just fire brimstone and wiping and gnashing of teeth forever.  You are clearly possessed, just like your mother said.  No wonder your daughter wants nothing to do with you your just a nasty person with the morals of a rotten apple. None.....COME SWIM WITH THE BIG FISH  Want to cum and play with bi male/female trade or barter for fun. pics,stats and where you want to host at. 420 half once or $110 or ?Transferable skills to barter for fun. Ready to cum play now?7608512267 Land whale, tickets for free plane rides, exchanged for brains, dense, shallow, self serving, forever and alway. Fruits and nuts Rachel and lovers, Steven, Charles R.. Sima-Queen of England?  Sheri Jarrot, blonde, bottle, bimbo, whale on land to date.

Land whale queer or steer, fucks and suck Steven and Rachel Jarrot, hell hounds, party and play family of freaks, gifts to share, oral talents to shine, family that party together, sings songs around the fires on the beaches of Cali. Friends of yours? Jewish Wide-ass, frogs to kiss for the drugs, sex, and rolls with bitches in heat with fleas...
Whale on land, 7603601613- dicks and dogs to carry by balls, suckers for love and devotion for a snake. Fake hair, fake colors, land whale. Sheri and Steven Jarrot, butch- Rachel Jarrot, dog in heat

Hope helps clean the nightmares, of life in hell with the frogs and gods from the center of the earth...Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here.

$500 Heaven Next Stop: Frogs, in the dark. (upland): Steve Jarrot, much younger, and much lighter, different day, same story, lives to lick and suck pussy of kid- Rachel, Rocky, Sheri, and what was the girlfriend's name this week? and working class people, dicks and pussies fine for now, RV camper still. 7608512267...Friends for a season, friends for a cause, friends to last a life time. Cuban Transplants: Sima and Rachel Jarrot :Jewish Army 2016.Sluts 4 Sells. Sheri and Steven Jarrot 7608512267.Notes to share, sports with snakes, friends for the moments, foes for the lessons, family with pets. Life on the side of the road, eyes in the dazes of pain, views from a tin can. Views of a bird in a cage, tin can views, life stuck in a coffin, heads up for the story, that had a nice end. Bird got a way, bird back in the air, bird back in sky, free again.

Pimps, Jewish Freaks, Dates: Steven Jay Jarrot, Crooks, Cheater, Liars, Family Affairs.
Role models, dates high places, lots of charms to display, lots of love for clothers, lot of love for hair, chicks and babes, walks of fame. Ladies with class, ladies of the nights, ladies with dates with knights, good times to look good. Lots of hats and hair, lots of wigs and caps, lots of horns and goats, lots of love to flip. Dates and dances, dances in drama, love and hate, girls to women, role models to follow. Angels in the air, ages of dates, love and hate, coins to flip, views and noses in the air......Pimps, Jewish Freaks, Dates. Good times, lovers and haters, songs to sing, how great things were, vac in time.

..... without a partner, lover or friend, with cash to spare on Steven Jay Jarrot, for the cattle callers and cattle to return home to Upland, North Ontario, and UCLA as the butch, buff, bison of the year in grasses in California and Colorado, super-sized, not a star yet, only in her dreams. Rachel…MUCCILLO, STEVEN R.Life on a RV, life with Steven Jarrot, pimp on wheels, drugs dealer to trade, oral skills for sale. Faces of donkeys to ride. Free rides for freaks, sluts, fags, hags, Rach Jay, sister-wife 2..... Pigs and hogs, Jews...dykes, fags, cows, crooks, liars, cheaters, worms and dogs, lights on, stars shines at knights. SNAKES-fags: Charms Enough: English Lessons ...7608512267 - Steven Jarrot 7608512267: same as pimps: though the mud that covers his glasses now. views of a man, not a cheater?.SO IF YOU LET ME SUCk.Steven Jarrot:7608512267- Party and play today? Black Males have the biggest dicks, thank god for Rick Benson, George Benson,Harry Dicks ..
This is true, gives you character if you can put up with stupid people daily…Freaks, frogs, and snakes, dense and dumb fish in the seas, rocks to dodge, waves to make, tales told. Just how stupid are we talking about?
Steven Jay Jarrot, 7608512267-kids, Sarah, Mays, Sheri, Sima, Rachel Gay Jarrot, Rach Jay, Charles R. Jarrot,. To party, to pay, to sing, to dance, good times for stupid....6-can short of a six-pack, kind of stupid.Birds and bees, angels in the air, born day out of stupid brains, got day, old stupid brains instead. Have been losing ground since day one.......PLUS.GOOGLE.COM
Dykes and dicks, lovers and haters, lots of cum on her face, lots of cum in her mouth, dances to do. Day job, blow jobs on the run. Wait for whar, likes to eat pussy, likes to have pussy eaten, Uritza Smitth, 222 to go, books to set, appointments online, dances for bucks. Bucks and dicks, kids to sell,last one nine, more to cum. Lots of lover, lots of cum in hair, good times, dates with dykes. 333SMITH "Im new to the area ...n im a lesbian so guys quit nudging and sendn me kisses...thanks " Cattle Calling in Desert...Cows,Cattle, And Cattle calls, Ready for What?...Enough for the Charmed....Game Over....Snakes in the Grass.

.Nuts Nights.....Nuts Sacks....Retards, crooks, cheaters, and liars, snakes and frogs, dates on the beaches, Tin cans affairs, lovers and haters, tales to spin, donkeys and monkeys, tales to write,....Nuts and all? ...Prince Snakes7605643510... September 04, 1962 Steven Jay Jarrot : 83458 Tropical Whisper CT, Indio, CA. Owner/Consultant; stevenjarrot@yahoo.com: ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION. 

stevenjarrot@gmail.com: 7608512267:sjarrot@comcast.com:Buys/Sells/Rents/Trades/Cars/Scottors/ trades, tricks, cum from dicks best, better than golden calf:...and Girls/Drugs/Meth/Pot/Oral Specialist of Craigslist Nightly after midnight.-Markets All works with Ex Wife, Sheri Jarrrot, and Creator of next greatest Jewish Woman. Can be reach at 7605643510.(May 9, 2013)760 360 1613: with kid with a lack of natural hair on head, $6000 wig Rookie/Jewish style, for cover acceptable for hair, Rachel Jarrot, and stole car for Mad Angry Disappointed Shocked Black Woman from Washington, Phyllissa (LLissa), the disable veteran. 760 9020855 or 7604091179 to concur or not. Blast off for fun and games always, childlike for the biggest bangs out of life. Where is Peter Pan now?Gay and happy, Rachel and Rocky Jarrot, UCLA: pussy for pussy kind of girls, just like sire... JARROTJEWISHWHITESTARS2014.BLOGSPOT.COM|BY KRISTI JARROT

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  1. Once long ago.Truthful and bullshit, words to define:Steven Jarrot, fag, or hag? 7608512267: catcher for pitchers to gang bang, party and play, cum? Wigs and baseball caps, Rachel Wigsout, Rachel Jarrot, Rachel Walker, art from the edge of the world. Tuesday tacos on the beach, Huntington Beach, CA, art works of Rachel Walker. Paths chosen for the good intentions, with a stone heart, brains exchanged for tickets to ride free planes and trains, frogs for a love of sex and drugs, oral talents on the line.

    Causes, seasons, and reasons, to go forward, battles to win, horse and pony shows, searches for a rite knight, to sail and the travel with, games of love. Games of chances, mountains to climb, seas to cross, writing time now. How old are you again, in the decades, the experiences you have had. In the air, for a minute, pages of lives, birds in the air, bees and bugs, in the tall trees. Dogwood trees, in the winds, on the sands of time,to stand over times, winds to blue skies. American birds, eagles to fly, songs on the mountain tops, birds to rise, birds to fly far in the skies, food to eat, games to eat. Good times, times to dance, time to sing, glory days done. Bumps in the road, the pits and the potholes, joys and pains, gifts to the others, books to read. Tricks and turns, three lefts to make a right, pages of love, pages of hate. Angels to mother, funny faces to others, ugly is a hard word, not what I would say, notes of history online, jokes and pains, pages to turn, how to get things done. Dogs and bitches in heat, fruits and nuts to go. Faces in the mirror, 1000 words, gifts of tales to share, Jewish Rites, dances in the dark, dances with snakes. Gifts to share, stories and tales of snakes and frogs.